Price List

Education is a valuable resource, which is why we value transparency.

Education is a human right. Should it cost anything at all and, if so, how much? These questions are worth considering; however, SIS is a private educational institution that is financed solely from school fees and does not receive subsidies from the Swiss national or cantonal governments. We offer high-quality education as a service – and we are committed to offering this service in a transparent way.

Registration Fee

This one-time Registration fee is non-refundable. Only after payment of this fee a school place at SIS can be guaranteed.

First child

CHF 400,00

Each further child

CHF 300,00


School Fees 2016/17

The school fees are billed in advance per semester. On request, arrangements can be made to pay the school fees in monthly instalments. School fees for mid-term admissions are prorated.

In Kindergarten 1, it is also possible to register for just a part of the week. The fees will be prorated accordingly.

School fees per semester
(in CHF) 

One payment at the
            beginning of the semester

Per 5 monthly
(2 % surcharge)

Kindergarten 1 and 2



Primary Intro



Primary 1 to 6



Secondary 1 and 2




Sibling Reduction and Cantonal Subsidies

Private payers are granted a sibling reduction of 10 % on the school fees as long as more than one child per family is enrolled.

Students who are in the mandatory school age and reside in the canton Zug (cut-off date 15 November) will benefit from a tuition reduction of 50 % of the lump sum awarded to SIS by the Canton.

Currently, this reduction amounts to approximately CHF 800,00 per year (kindergarten and primary) and CHF 1.200,00 per year (secondary).

Lunch (optional)

Price per semester, 5 days a week (in CHF)
Preschool and Primary 1


Primary 2 to Secondary 1



After School Care (optional)

The children get a snack.

Price per child and hour
(in CHF) 

If the semester is booked 
in advance 

Single booking 

16:00 to 18:00




Version 1 February 2016, errors and omissions excepted.