A Plethora of Potential

Senior Projects at SIS Basel

One Matura project this year turned into an Egyptian cookbook that allowed our senior student Mariam Mekhail to delve into her ancestral roots, while supporting an Egyptian non-profit organization teaching local women skills that empower them to earn an income. For her project, she visited her grandmother in Egypt, interviewed women, cooked with them and assembled recipes. The result was an impressive cookbook that has already been tested by our school librarian (and delighted the office team). A copy of the book is now available in the school library.

Other current Matura projects include a study of aerodynamic properties in a wind tunnel, music composition and recording, film-making, a handbook for young basketball coaches, an analysis of the impact of overtones on instrument and voice, anthropogenic factors in climate change, Swiss and EU legislature impacting verticality in competition, the defining factors in solar panel efficiency, a study of public opinion about genetic modification, and the relevance of the five senses in the learning processes of children.