Camps at SIS Basel

Stimulation and Development.

School camps provide valuable educational experiences for young people to synthesize the academic world of theory, facts and figures with the essential realm of social skills.


Education and development come in many shapes and forms throughout our school years. At SIS Basel, camps are considered an important part of our curriculum. Overnight camps challenge students to bring forth and cultivate different skill sets than those practiced at home or at school. Additionally, team work, bonding, deepening of friendships, and even making new friends, as well as facing challenges and mastering new skills, all add up to greater levels of self-confidence and success experiences that in turn can boost a student’s performance at school.


As of second grade, SIS students integrate overnight trips into their educational experience, as they head off to a variety of locations and situations to experience the best of what Switzerland has to offer. Overnight trips begin in the 2nd grade with a local trip and staying one night.


Primary 3 students go on a trip a few hours away and stay for two nights; primary 4 goes for three nights, and primary 5, four nights. Once students reach secondary school, the four-night camps happen twice a year: Summer Camp in August or September, and Ski Camp sometime between January and March.


Winter Camp Winter Camp