Poetry Week

For the Love of the Language.

Every year, SIS Basel involves the students in some special literature project to promote a love of reading, writing and language. After many years of our annual “Readathon,” focusing mostly on fictional texts, this year we tried something new: “Poetry Week.” Under the tutelage of our literacy-loving school librarian, the focus was on the creative use of language in poetry. Every class from kindergarten up through twelfth grade participated. The results were impressive!

Our students read and listened to many different types of poetry by a range of poets in English and German. In keeping with the week’s motto, “A poem a day keeps the doctor away,” the students were greeted with a different poem each day, and could also pick up “Pocket Poems” in the primary library.

Collectively, they explored: acrostics, limericks, parallel poems (preserving the original structure and transforming the content to a parallel or opposite version), book spine poems (arranging a stack of books as a ‘poem’ where the text on each book spine becomes a line of the poem), street art poetry (chalk on the sidewalk), poetry in French, poetry illustration, and the poetic performance genre of poetry slam.

It was lovely to see how the students so thoroughly enjoyed this excursion into a poetic world full of interesting structures, rhymes and beautiful language.

Poetry Week