SIS Basel Summerfest

Our annual get-together for families, teachers and friends.

At SIS Basel, several highlight events throughout the year give SIS families, teachers and friends an opportunity to come together for some exuberantly fun and valuable community building. Children love the chance to share their school environment with their families, and parents enjoy the insight into their children’s day to day life, as well as socializing with other parents. These events are always memorable and joyfully anticipated again the next year.

The most recent such event was our annual Summerfest, which took place on a Saturday afternoon at the end of June, just one week before summer vacation. This year, in perfect weather, the children got very busy with bouncy castles, a wide variety of games, making things, and being with their friends in a special way at school. Parents, families and friends enjoyed the musical performances, the wide variety of international culinary delights and social opportunity, perusing books for sale, as well as visiting the many stalls with wonderful crafts on sale. As usual, the day culminated in a highly exciting raffle put on by the Parents/Eltern Association (PEA), with impressive prizes including books, gift certificates, spa treatments, and this year’s much-coveted “drone” and Hero 5 camera.

The next event coming up will take place just before the autumn vacation, and that will be a day with a sporty focus: the annual SIS Running Challenge, complete with a PEA sponsored barbecue.