The Five Expectations

A Guide to Positive Behaviour

To motivate thoughtfulness and a community-oriented mindset, we teach our youngest a set of guidelines for positive behavior. “The Five Expectations” support our students to understand which behaviors generate better interactions and outcomes with people. At the end of the year, when we issue a “Citizenship Award” in every class to a child who has demonstrated outstanding positive behavior, the “Five Expectations” are taken into account.

Additionally, we have a group of Student Leader Representatives in Primary 6 who work hard to promote the motivational guidelines by helping out during the breaks, being role models and supporting peers.

Parents are encouraged to join in the fun and support their children at home with a positive response when their children exhibit any of the five positive behaviors.

Here are the Five Expectations and what they mean to us:

  • Be Respectful - show kindness, politeness and honor
  • Be Responsible - make sensible decisions and be accountable for your actions
  • Be Positive - build confidence, be kind, focus on hope and solutions (instead of problems)
  • Be Mindful - be aware of your surroundings; pay attention to the thoughts and feelings of yourself as well as others; cultivate empathy
  • Be Resilient - learn from failure or disappointment and bounce back; try again; rise to a challenge