Art Week

Painting – Drawing – Diving into the Art World.

Four different books were explored throughout the week. These books inspired us to produce many different pieces of art.

Firstly we looked at "My First ABC - The Metropolitan Museum of Art". This book consists of pages denoting each letter of the alphabet, accompanied by several pictures from well-known artists. The pictures for each letter were all contrasting works of art, all on the same subject but with no two pictures that were alike. Following an exploration of this book’s art, the children worked in pairs to complete paintings of all the letters, including a hidden painting within each letter. 

Secondly we read "The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree" by Gail Gibbons. The book tells the story of Arnold and his apple tree throughout the year. We were inspired to make a collage of the tree for each season. We used different materials such as glitter, colored paper and beads to make our collages.

Thirdly we looked at "No One Saw - Ordinary Things Through the Eyes of an Artist" which explores modern art. Each painting in the book highlights the way different artists look at the world. The important message learnt here was that people never see the world in exactly the same way. We created our own works of modern art, depicting places special to us. We put our best efforts in to create paintings that show how we see a particular place.

Lastly we read "Over and Under the Snow" by Kate Messner, a delightful tale about animals that live above and below the snow in the wintertime. We learnt how to paint in layers using different colours and techniques.

Here are some reflections from the children on this special week:

"Project week was fun. We even went to the art museum".
"Project week was so awesome".
"I think the art week was the best because the third, fourth and first grades were mixed up, and that was surely one of the highlights of this week".
"We had a wonderful project week. It was an art one. We learned a lot of things and I got better at painting with a brush".
"I enjoyed doing the art at home". 

Art Week  Art Week