Building a Town

How would you start to build a town? What are the most important elements of a town? What would you need first? What luxuries do we have now that we could live without? These were just some of the questions Grade 1 have explored this term when they were faced with building a town.


When given the task the children first decided that they had arrived to an area of land that had a lake, similar to the Männedorf area. From there, they started their adventure with great discussions and wonderful explanations of why and how. What were the most important things for people to survive? Mobile phones and computers? No! What was going to be the shelter and protection from the weather? There were no buildings, simply wilderness and grass. How were they going to survive without starving or going thirsty? There wasn’t a Migros or a Coop around the corner, and there were certainly no taps to turn on with clean, fresh, running drinking water!


Without help from the teacher, the children came up with their top ten necessities for their town: farm and meadow, house and garden, roads, library, school, grocery store, cement factory, toilet and sewage system; and water treatment plant with water pipes.


Using recycled materials, they started creating and building these essentials. Their town has grown and developed over the term where they have started adding more elements such as a hospital, a shopping centre and a bank. We have been so impressed by their deep thinking and their creativity. And what’s even more impressive is it’s all come from the children with little or no input from the teachers.


The children are finalising some buildings and then their town will be on display. Once on display we invite you to view their hard work. Do make sure you take a peek underground as well. Yes! They even considered and created underground elements!


Miranda Dominguez, Teacher Primary 1 and 2


 Building a Town 2