Grade 2 School Sleepover

A night with classmates: pasta, ice cream and a sunset walk

On Tuesday the 7th of July, the 2nd Graders spent a fun filled evening at school. The children all arrived excited and happy. The evening began by setting up beds, laying out sleeping mattresses, arranging sleeping bags and fluffing pillows. The children enjoyed sharing the cuddly toys and torches they had brought along.

Once ready, it was time to prepare for dinner. The children helped prepare a delicious salad of tomatoes, cucumber and mozzarella cheese. The main course was pasta with a spicy tomato sauce, which most children had second or third helpings of. All the children were excellent helpers, both in preparation of dinner and in clearing up.

After dinner some time was spent playing outside together and eating ice creams. To finish the evening, the children all joyfully walked up and down the hills of Männedorf. The view from the top was absolutely beautiful and much fun was had along the way. Some children even had some left over energy to run around an athletics field on the way back to school!

girls eating ice cream

Once back at school, it was time for a drink, teeth brushing and a bathroom stop before retiring to bed. All children fell asleep quickly and the teachers did too.

Everyone awoke full of beans after a long uninterrupted sleep at around 6:45am. The breakfast buffet included breads and a selection of spreads, watermelon and melon as well as chocolate milk and orange juice. All in all, a wonderful time was had by all!

children sleepover at school

The best thing was the sleeping because it was so relaxing.
By Raphael

We had a lot of fun. The tomato sauce was excellent.
By Alice

I really liked the sauce because it was like sweet but not like chocolate and in the same time like tomatoes.
By Olivia

I liked the walk because it was funny and beautiful. I liked the sleepover because my sleeping bag was comfortable and warm.
By Lilly

We did a long walk. It was fun.
By Luisa