Learning to Learn

Getting familiar with routines and rules in the class room.

We wish to enable the children to consider how they best learn and to think about their own personal learning style. We took time to develop workable classroom routines, classroom job schedules as well as seating plans and more.

We practiced correctly using our homework diaries as well as remembering to return our homework in a timely manner, and having all the materials needed to learn with us every day, such as pencils, erasers and pencil sharpeners when in German and in English.

Much time was spent exploring our classroom, seeing where everything is kept, how our exercise books are organized and where specific math and language games belong. How to write a title and where to put the date in our writing books, was also covered.

We spoke about respect, responsibility and orderliness and the importance of these themes both in the classroom and in the wider school setting. We discussed how to be a good friend, and how to solve problems in a friendly way.

Reading routines, including small group work with the teacher and stimulating independent activities such as reading visualization exercises and having fun on readingeggs.com at reading time, were repeated several times throughout this ‘Learning to Learn’ time.

Math routines, such as small group work with the teacher and independent activities were also reviewed.

Overall learning to learn was a very positive experience. We are now seeing the benefits of this time, in the children’s day to day life at school. In general children are very aware of how we learn and easily able to follow school routines.