How Light and Shadows Play an Active Part in our Lives

Hands-on Experiments in Kindergarten.

Kindergarten has been hard at work learning about many aspects of their latest science topic. We have been studying light and shadows and how they play an active part in our everyday lives. We have done this through day to day lessons and holiday celebrations.

Räbeliechtli was a great way that we were able to experiment with light shining through different parts and carvings of the turnips. The students could identify how the candle light could shine through the thinner skin better than the ticker part of the turnip.

Candle making was another fun way we looked at light and how it can bring joy and comfort to all of us. Topic related centers throughout this term in both kindergarten classrooms have been fun and full of new experiences and learning. We have used tents, flashlights, overhead projectors, twinkle lights, shape cut outs and candles to experiment with light and shadow.

The students have shown a great deal of curiosity and learning experiences. Through trial and error, the students experienced learning more independently Scientific story books with tales overlapping with our themes also helped students to ask more questions and come to their own conclusions about these topics. Preparing for the holidays with colorful lights and bringing joy in darker days matches well with the scientific themes. We will continue our search for knowledge as this term progresses.