Our Last Term in Grade 4

Our Top Experiences

Papier Mâché by Carmen, Linus and Irina

In Design and Technology, we learned how to make papier mâché. We had to make something that had a use... a lot of people made super candy holders! Others made more interesting things like lamps, door stoppers and piggy banks. The funniest part was painting our papier mâché and the most interesting part was working with the hot glue gun. It was a very sticky activity but worth it.

Learning about the Maya by Eva, Irina, and Aisha

In English history class we learned about the Maya. We learned that they were a big civilisation that lived in Central America. We made timelines and presentations about Maya gods. We also learned about their sacred places and the sacred gods. We even did a scavenger hunt about the Maya writing. We learned about the Maya number system and how different it was from our maths system. Did you know that for the Maya number 0 the symbol is an empty shell? In conclusion, it was very interesting to learn about the Maya.

Learning about the old Stone Age by Mattia and Leevi

In German science, Frau Künzi had taught us about the Stone Age. We learned about how they lived, hunted and survived in the Stone Age. Together, we also discussed the timeline and the evolution of humans. At the end, we did something very cool! We went to the Stone Age Museum where a man told us many things about the first Stone Age people. At the end, we had a break and looked at the very cool statues, clothes and weapons that they had there.

Project Week - Aesop’s Fables by Julian and Mark

In Project week, after the spring break, we learned about Aesop's Fables. We first read four different fables by him (Aesop) and then each child could choose which one they wanted to perform. First, we learned our scripts by heart. Afterwards, we tried to perform them. For example, I was the lion from ‘The Lion and the Mouse.’ My friend was the narrator in ‘The Cat and the Fox.’ The best part was when we made our own costumes and backdrops.

Religion and Culture by Marlene and Mathilda

We learned in Religion and Culture about sacred places. We learned about churches, mosques, mandirs, pagodas and synagogues. We learned about how they look inside, how you should behave there and what people do there. Also, we learned interesting facts about sacred places. For example, a mandir is usually dedicated to one of the many Hindu gods (not to all), most synagogues face Jerusalem and that Buddha is not a god. We made a PowerPoint about famous sacred places. The best thing was when we presented the PowerPoints.