Role Play in Kindergarten

The Night Sky

The role play area is an intricate part of the kindergarten experience. It is an area where the children can go to for free play and it allows them to engage and develop many aspects of the curriculum: learning personal and social skills, and exploring real life and imaginary concepts. The area is often used by the children to reenact personal experiences, roles in society or delve into different characters from their imagination. They create their own scenarios and stories and investigate classroom concepts. Learning through play at its best!

We believe it is important to involve the children in the development of any role play area. By involving the children in its creation, they help to understand its purpose and its potential use. At the same time the children are taking responsibility for making and maintaining the area, which leads to more respectful use of the equipment and resources.

For our unit on "The Night Sky" we turned the role play area into a space exploration area. The children were asked what they would like to include and we came up with a list of suggestions. The children were quite ambitious and wanted to build an international space station, a satellite, a space rocket, a, robot and a moon buggy. We then thought about how we could make these things in the space available to us. The result is in the photos here.

The area has been a wonderful success. The children continue to generate new ideas to improve and develop the area. They are currently working together to build a mars rover. Who knows what they will think of next?!