Mummification at SIS Rotkreuz-Zug

The Odour of Mummified Tomatoes.

Every lesson brings forth lots of questions and deliberations, such as “how heavy is a pyramid?” One of the class actually went home and researched and apparently each block weighs 2.5 tons and a whole pyramid weighs 5,750,000 tons.

One of their favourite things has been finding out all about mummification. The best way to learn is to experience things for yourself, so we decided to mummify a tomato.
They worked in groups to scoop out the insides and to carefully fill it and cover it with salt. We did have to be patient and leave it for two weeks before we could see what had happened and it really did not smell so good at the end.

As we carried out the experiment, lots of descriptive words ranging from “wow, amazing” to “ugh, disgusting” were heard and there was plenty of face pulling too!

We are currently learning about the pharaohs and in particular, Nefertiti. It has been very interesting to see the children’s reactions to discovering that when researching on the internet or in books, the information does not always match. For instance, one website says that Nefertiti is Tutankahmun’s mother and another gives Queen Tiye as his mother, all very confusing and again led to lots of speculation as to why we cannot be sure.

There is still lots to come on this topic and we are sure the enthusiasm will continue.