Puppets Activity

Stories and rhymes.

In the latest Unit of Inquiry topic, Tiger Class from Kindergarten learned about stories and rhymes.

One of the chosen stories that they focused on was “You can do it Sam”. The children made their own puppets with the purpose to encourage their imaginative and creative skills. The children were encouraged to use their imagination to recreate the storyline and make alternative endings for the story.  By using puppets, the play becomes more personalised, creative and fun.

Some children are shy and felt challenged to share their feelings. By being immersed in the imaginary learning environment, they were encouraged to express their feelings without any pressure. In this particular activity, the children coloured the characters, cut them out and finally assembled the pieces together. 

Making puppets and using them to tell stories not only develops their imaginative skills but also helps in improving their fine motor skills. During their storytelling, the children moved their hands and fingers in imaginative ways, which also helped them to develop their brain-hand coordination.