Working with Big Machinery in Primary 5

We Make our own Pencil Holders.

Rather, the goal is to get to know the natural material better, to explore its properties, structure and how it can be worked with, and to think about where the wood came from, how it is used and how to ensure sustainability of the forests given all the uses of the material.

The base of the pencil holder forms a block, which is first cut to the correct size by means of a miter saw. For the students, working with such a big device is new and therefore it is a bit nerve wracking for some of them at the beginning. But once they have made the first contact with the saw and have understood the instructions they are happy to work with the device.

Another large electrical appliance is needed for making the holes. With the drill press, holes are drilled in the wooden block, which will later serve as a pencil holder. This also needs a bit of practice first, but soon the children get the hang of it.

Then its time to cut the floor and the side walls. For this purpose, the jigsaws are used. The students learn to use the various parts of the jigsaw, learn to insert the saw bit correctly and to make careful cuts. It takes a lot of patience but it’s worth it to see the results.

Finally it's time to assemble the pen holder. Wood glue and small, fine nails are used. With a brush and paint it is decorated to each child’s taste. The finished product is one to be truly proud of.