After School Clubs: Discovering Talents and Interests

emphaSIS 2021

At SIS Rotkreuz-Zug, after the school day finishes and normal classes are over, students have an opportunity to focus on something that is of particular interest to them through our after school clubs. Between 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. each evening except Wednesdays, we offer a number of different clubs for the students to enjoy.

After school clubs are so much more than the activity being offered. Being involved in an after school club also offers students time to mix with existing friends outside of the classroomand the opportunity to make new friends with students from different year levels. Being in a new environment can help students learn to appreciate each other’s talents and abilities in activities outside of the normal classroom routine.

Being involved in an after school club can help to develop a child’s individual personality; being productive and having different experiences helps strengthen confidence and independence. Our after school clubs don’t just keep our students busy in their chosen interest area, they also offer developmental benefits that will help them academically and socially because, when students participate in learning something new, it can directly, and/or indirectly, support their learning in the classroom. The clubs that we have on offer range from academic interests such as science and Chinese, sporting adventures with crossfit, playball and yoga, computing interests with gaming and coding, along with an opportunity to explore the arts with drama and private piano lessons.

Our clubs vary between languages and generally have between seven to twelve participants. We are able to offer the varying clubs due to our incredibly talented teachers putting themselves forward to share their talents in areas such as science, photography, gaming and coding, and in the past, our newspaper club. We also have outside agencies and individuals who come into the school to share their expertise in areas such as Chinese, playball and yoga to name a few.

Our clubs run for one semester. There are some clubs that are able to run each and every semester as they are always popular with their particular age groups. For the younger age groups, yoga and playball are particularly popular and have been able to run for a number of semesters. This semester we have seen a large number of students interested in the gaming and coding club and we have been able to run two different groups, splitting the younger and older students, which enables the teachers to target their time more specifically.

There are more and more students participating in our after school clubs, which enables us to increase the number and variety of clubs that we are able to offer to the students. Being able to offer the students the opportunity to participate in an activity that they are interested in, which differs from their normal classroom learning routine, allows the children to explore their skills, likes and dislikes and helps them grow as a person academically and socially.


Article by Katrina Cameron, Principal