Autumn Holiday Club

Time flies when you are having fun

Autumn Holiday Club was a week full of exciting outings and activities.

On the first day, the ten of us (two teachers and eight pupils) discussed what we liked and disliked in terms of food and activities. That afternoon was spent walking through the forest, playing together and observing all the animals at Wildpark Roggenhausen. 

The second day we went on a day trip to the Transport Museum (Verkehrshaus) in Lucerne. An exciting and interactive day for all. We learnt many interesting facts about how the trains, planes, ships, cars, bicycles and helicopters all function or more so how they used to function. There were plenty interactive activities that kept the children fascinated throughout the day. 

Day three we walked around in the forest. There we grilled bratwurst, schlangebrot and some yummy marshmallows for dessert. While walking through the forest we collected different and interesting forest material for a lovely piece of decoration that we put together once returning to school.

Day four started off at Lenzburg Castle, yet another amusing trip. The children enjoyed the enchanting feeling of being in the castle as well as admiring the furniture and style of it. We were each able to create our own crown. 

The last day we shared breakfast together, before spending the rest of the morning in the local swimming pool. We then watched a movie and ate popcorn. 

We hope this camp will be some lovely memories for the children to look back on.