Our Bee Hive

Spring is Coming Soon.

These bees will not attack or hurt people in any way and they are not attracted to sweet drinks or food. They will only feed on pollen and nectar. This is why it is very important to ignore the bees and not interfere with them.

To begin with, we will be given 25 bees. In the spring they hatch and pollinate the plants in their environment. They build their nests in the bee home and collect pollen and nectar for their offspring. When the nests are finished, they are covered with clay.

In the summer, the offspring develop in their cocoons. In autumn, they begin their hibernation and can be easily transported. We will remove the inner box and return it to the company who removes the cocoons of parasites and ensure professional wintering. Afterwards they send the renovated inner box back.

In spring, we order a new starting population. At the same time, our propagated bees are used on Swiss farms to make an important contribution to safe and efficient pollination.