English Writing Competition

The Author Dan Clacher is our Special Guest.

Dan, a tremendous fan of canals and canal boats, has created a range of animated characters (canal boats) and shares their experiences in the rivers and canals of Britain.

There are ten titles in his first series, set in and around Oxford. However, the adventures then feature some of the most spectacular parts of the UK's waterways.

Mrs Coupland, a primary teacher, read the first title in the series 'Jolly Boatman's Lesson' to the school with a great response from the students.

This week, the students are required to select and personify an animal or object, writing an imaginative recount/narrative. They will also be required to accompany their text with a picture.

Dan Clacher will be judging the students' entries, looking for originality, use of descriptive and emotive language and an engaging storyline.

Dan will be presenting the awards to the winning students, in addition to running a workshop for selected students.