Outdoor Lessons

With Sunny Spring Weather!

Teachers from SIS Winterthur have taken advantage of the sunny spring weather by holding some lessons outdoors!

For example, Frau Lattner held a music lesson in the front of the school. She explains that “I use outdoor learning often as a tool, to raise students motivation and get them active and keep them moving while learning.” The current topic is investigating music genres, including their general history, key musicians, and typical instruments used.

Outside Frau Lattner handed interview cards to the students about the history of music. She explains that “Kids take one card and, while walking around, find a partner. They ask their question (written on the card), check the answer and in return have to answer the question from their partner. Then, students exchange cards and find a new partner with the new question. As soon as they get their first card back, they get a new one from the stack”.

This was a fun way for students to both review and add to their musical knowledge, all while enjoying the beautiful spring weather!