Stop, Look, Listen, Walk

A day with our friendly policeman

First, we spent time in the classrooms, learning the theory and then it was time to go outside to practise what we had learnt!  We crossed various roads; sometimes in pairs and sometimes alone, some busy roads and some less busy, all under the watchful eye of our friendly Police Officer.   

The main message we learnt was that we must always follow the same routine when we want to cross a road:  Stop, Look, Listen, and when it is safe, Walk across the road, still looking and listening.  The teachers were very proud of the way the children listened to the Police Officer and tried hard to remember what to do, and they all did a great job. 

In kindergarten we practise this skill every time we venture out; be it to the park, to sport or to the forest. We strongly encourage all our families to also practise with their children, so it becomes second nature to them, and all our children become confident and stay safe when crossing the road.

children with the police officerchildren walking over the street