Andrew Tholman


Andrew Tolman started at SIS in August 2017 working in supervision and leading the Guitar Club. Previous to working at SIS, he taught guitar in numerous education establishments in the UK from schools to higher education establishments.

Mr Tolman has also worked as a s a session musician on the London session circuit, recording, touring and performing with a diverse range of artists including Michael Buble, The Impressions, The Emotions and Ben E King as well as composing, recording and producing his own album under the name, The Andy Tolman Cartel.

Mr Tolman studied music at the Royal Academy of Music in London and graduated with an Honours degree in music and also earned a teaching diploma from the same institution. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of the guitar and wider knowledge of music with his students.

Mr Tolman's hobbies include hiking, cooking, playing soccer (very badly) and also a deep love of snowboarding.