Johnna Weckermann

Assistant Teacher

Johnna began her teaching career around the time she started dancing ballet and theatre professionally in 2009. She taught ballet to youth groups at local dance schools while studying psychology at Camden Country College, Rutgers University partner school. Johnna also learned basic healthcare duties at GSPP Rehabilitation Hospital as a volunteer.

She left for England in 2013, and went on to work in Greece in 2014. During her time in Crete, Johnna worked in various hotels, including Hotel Mitsis chain. She operated as the Chief Child Care Manager, and the Co-Lead or Leader for several animation teams. She then worked as a remote advisor in Greece in 2015. Johnna focused her time tutoring, babysitting, and guest teaching children 9 years and under in the USA, Austria, and Greece.

Johnna is motivated to teach by her own passion and love of learning. She enjoys traveling, dancing, and cooking with her husband.