Paula Thornburrow

Kindergarten Teacher

Paula Thornburrow grew up in Hong Kong, and lived in England, Switzerland and Australia, before raising her family in New Zealand. She moved to Zurich to join her Swiss husband, while her two sons are completing degrees in Science and Mathematics.
She has degrees in both education (UK) and visual arts (NZ), and has taught children from ages 3 to 12. Recently she taught science workshops for primary children at the Cambridge Museum of Technology (UK).

Paula has been teaching at SIS since August 2015, and working in supervision every afternoon. This has allowed her to develop strong relationships with children from kindergarten to grade 6. She has been most involved with the kindergarten children, teaching them in the forest, sports hall, classroom and playground.
She has a passion for children which started when she taught Vietnamese refugee children in Hong Kong. Paula sees each child as a unique being, with qualities to be encouraged through creativity, discovery and guidance.