Kindergarten Goals

Proud kindergarten and their goals for 2021

The children in kindergarten 2 were very excited to be back in the New Year. For many, the biggest number they could say and have some understanding was 2020. Now that number was getting even bigger! “2021” they gleefully shouted as we discussed our new calendar.

In preparation for selecting their 2021 goals, we reviewed their kindergarten 1, 2020 goals booklet. Kindergarten 2 were proud and pleased to explain how they had successfully started to swim, ski or even fly a kite. Then, they learnt that some goals entail getting more experience in an area, as well as learning new skills or ideas. So, after carefully thinking about their own goals, and discussing as a pair, they were excited to share their goals for 2021 with the group.

What stunning watercolour paintings were created for their 2021 calendars. It will be interesting to hear as these goals are successfully achieved.