Getting To Grips With Letters And Sounds

Reading and Writing in Kindergarten

Not only does reading and writing help boost children’s confidence, but it fosters a love of learning which can lead to higher grades in other subjects. In order to prepare the kindergarten children for their later learning experiences, reading and writing becomes an increasingly important part of our daily routine.

In kindergarten, this starts with understanding how to care for books, writing our own names, and slowly learning the different sounds in order to help us read and write words. In our regular phonics lessons we revise, practise and introduce new sounds. We have also had a lot of fun using our knowledge of letters and sounds in new exciting ways around the classroom.

writing in sand

Next to our class shop, the ‘Kig-osk’, we have a shopping list writing table for children to create their own lists on. We have sand trays to practise the formation of letters in a very tactile way and have even been using sticks and stones to spell out words and names in the outside play area. We begin each day by writing our names on our class register to check if everyone is here, and have letter flashcards around the classroom as clues for children that are writing, or to use in letter card games. Since our annual Reading Schoolhouse event early in the year in which the children bring books to share and swap with their classmates, we have particularly enjoyed creating our very own creative story books in class.

It has been such a delight to see how curious and motivated the children are to read and write. They are growing their skills and are beyond proud to share their abilities with their friends, teachers and family.