It is that time of the Year Again

As Samichlaus made his way out of the forest and into the clearing, he was greeted by wide-eyed children. After a few songs by Samichlaus, the kids sang one of their own, “Sami Sami Samichlaus”, with him before exchanging beautifully decorated pinecones for mandarins and chocolates. Upon bidding his farewells to kindergarten, Samichlaus was given VIP service on the SIS school bus as he was shuttled back to the school.

He met with grades 1 and 2 to congratulate the classes on what they had done well over the school year. In his wisdom, he did not forget to remind the students what they could try to do better as well. Of course, a visit by Samichlaus is not complete without a few songs and the sharing of poems, and our students did not leave the man in red disappointed. The perennial favorite “Sami Niggi, Näggi” was recited as a group, complete with gestures by the friendly, bearded man.

As Samichlaus is a busy man, he was unable to pay a visit to our students in grade 3 through 6. However, he was generous enough to leave a bag of goodies by their front door before running off to meet with other boy and girls.
Below is the text for the poem “Sami Niggi, Näggi” and the song “Sami Sami Samichlaus!” in Swiss-German:

Samichlaus@ SIS Zürich-Wollishofen 

Sami Niggi, Näggi,
hinder em Ofe stegg i,
gimer Nuss und Bire,
so chumm i wieder füre.

Sammi Sami Samichlaus!
Chnete, forme, bache
Sami Sami Samichlaus,
der Chlaus er isch am Bache