One to grow on

Grade 5 Theatre Performance.

After lunch we already started to set up and dress up for the play. Everyone was rushing through the school house. Some kids were already in the aula, waiting for the first show to start. Sophia and I were sitting beside Mr. Nussbaum while the play started. It was a rush, especially for Sophia. She shared her costume with Matilde. She ran out of the room with me right behind her. As Sophia started getting ready, I heard the audience clapping. Matilde ran upstairs handing the costume to Sophia. Then we ran back to the aula as fast as we could!

The aula was now filled with parents and kids. Suddenly, from behind the curtain, we heard a loud boom. A game had fallen off the shelf. Mr. Nussbaum came to us as we all stared at the boys. He said we should sit down and relax. The play “One to Grow on” started. The audience was looking. One minute five people were sitting in the aula, and now over a hundred! The first part worked great, but as we started forgetting lines, Tichon started coughing, and all of us started giggling. But everything turned out well. I think we should do plays more often!

Franca, Grade 5

  Theater an der SIS Zürich-Wollishofen

Theater an der SIS Zürich-Wollishofen