SIS Basel

An attractive school campus in the wonderful city of Basel – where three countries meet and multilingualism is an integral part of everyday life.

Of our eight locations in Switzerland, SIS Basel is our flagship school. Bilingual lessons have been taught, constantly developed and refined here for over twenty years, and the school has become an integral part of the surrounding community.

Dear visitors,

Since 1999, SIS Basel has been putting the bilingual school concept into action – with excellent results. Today, about six hundred students attend this flagship location of SIS Swiss International School. SIS Basel has an unparalleled reputation as the ideal school for children and young adults with big plans for the future in a globalised world. And this is a view shared both by Swiss parents and those who have moved to the neighbourhood from abroad.

The two school languages, German and English, act as a bridge connecting the forty-plus nationalities represented under our roof – and this multicultural setting delivers a host of benefits to students, teachers and parents alike.

We aim to foster a sense of community at the school in a variety of ways: weekly school assemblies, projects involving different class groups, and theme weeks on a variety of subjects. Reading marathons, sports days, winter and summer festivals – all are firm fixtures on our school calendar, together with the celebration of local and international holidays and traditions.

In the unique international, bilingual learning environment of SIS Basel, we strive to foster a desire for academic success and a healthy competitive spirit. Why not come by and see for yourself?

Andrew Wulfers


The video presents SIS Basel. Enjoy watching it!