Basel Cantonal Middle Schools Sports Championships

This was a great compliment to the development of our sports programmes here at SIS, as our participation really allowed our bilingual private school students to integrate into a Swiss cantonal  competition (speaking Swiss German) where fair play and sportsmanship were paramount.
We are incredibly proud of the teams that participated, as they exemplified good conduct and solid skills. Both our first-ever girls basketball team and our boys junior basketball team won 3rd place overall; our senior boys basketball team won 2nd place overall, beaten only in the finals by the Gymnasium Bäumlihof (the local Gymnasium with a special sports track for athletically strong students).  In addition, our 8th grade table-tennis boys wonder duo took 2nd place overall, making this a very special day in SIS Basel’s emerging sports program. Our badminton team gave their all, but in the end were overwhelmed by the intensity of play. They now certainly know the level of competition and will be more prepared than ever for next year’s championship. All together, the level of competition was high and each category contained at least six different teams. For the parents in attendance, as well as the principal/basketball coach, it was quite the nail-biting and riveting experience.