SIS Buddy System

Finding a Safe Space and a Friend

The Buddy System meetings take place once a week during break time and play an important role in helping to create a safe school environment where children feel valued. Our Primary 5 and 6 Student Leader Representatives volunteer to be mentors, friends and playmates to some of our younger students who might be going through a period of transition or difficulty, or are just feeling vulnerable. 

The SIS Basel Buddy System is designed to:
  • Foster cross-age contact and friendliness 
  • Prevent children feeling unhappy or lonely at break times
  • Build self-confidence
  • Develop empathy, responsibility and respect
  • Promote inclusion
  • Discourage bullying
  • Develop social skills
  • Contribute to a positive and caring school culture

A child can ask to join our meetings on their own initiative or be encouraged by their teacher or parents to attend. 

The system is fluid and children can come and go throughout the school year whenever they need support, as long as they participate regularly for a while. Some choose to take part regularly over a period of a couple of years. 

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