College Educational Camps

Exploring the World Around Us

College camps have been a mainstay of our program since the beginning. Not only do they provide the students with a chance to learn outside of the classroom by visiting different areas around Europe, but they also lead to class cohesion as they learn to grow together as a group.

This year, we have students travelling around Switzerland and beyond as they compliment the curriculum with new and exciting endeavours.

Year 7 students find themselves in the Black Forest, exploring the local environs and focusing on outdoor education. Our Year 8 students are enjoying a week of French immersion as they embark on a series of different trips throughout the Alsace region in France. With visits to local museums and other landmarks, the students are sure to return saturated with the fascinating culture directly on Basel’s doorsteps.

Our Year 9 class, are visiting the Aletsch Glacier in Wallis, Switzerland. Organized through the Pro Natura Zentrum located in Riederalp, the week will focus on glaciology and the natural world of this unique UNESCO World Heritage Site. There have even been rumours of a documentary being filmed about the Aletsch Glacier, the largest in Europe, and interviews with our students. We’re looking forward to the reports!

Our oldest students in College have strayed a little further afield by visiting the bustling metropolis of Münich, Germany. In addition to practicing their well-honed language skills, the students will tour and explore the multitude of opportunities available in one of Germany’s most well-known and beloved destinations.

These camps form an important part in our students’ education by delivering them into new surroundings, teaching them beyond the walls of the traditional classroom and expanding their horizons through language and culture and outdoor activity. Inevitably when asked about their favorite school experience, students almost unanimously state, "camp"!