Community Events Matter

Participating is Everything.

Our annual Running Challenge is a spirited SIS Basel all-school and community event. Everyone is encouraged to join in no matter what their level of ability; simply participating and bringing a good attitude also means winning. Distances range from 100 meters for Kindergartners and increase up to 5 kilometers.

Our youngest runners start the day off, followed chronologically by older year groups in longer and longer races, and culminating in the 5-kilometer combined race where students, SIS staff and parents all have a chance to run or cheer each other on.

As energy is expended, it is also replenished: water and apples are provided for everyone, and for bigger appetites, the PEA Parents/Eltern Association puts on a barbecue and sell a variety of foods, drinks and sweet treats. The high-energy event is wrapped up with an awards ceremony honoring the top three runners in all categories.

The September 2016 Running Challenge was our 8th time and bigger than ever, with more than 600 students, staff and family participating – and with most runners sporting our official Basilisks school tee-shirt!

The Basilisks school spirit is something we're proud of. Annual community traditions like our Running Challenge, Winter- and Summerfest, provide a palpable sense of a “we” through these great shared experiences. How remarkable it is to be part of our international community converging in Basel from all parts of the world, with the shared goal of educating our children, while learning from each other and contributing meaningfully to the future of these young people in our care!