Karate Meets Biology

Sharing Knowledge, Learning More

New ways of learning stimulate interest and attention, as well as generate new ways to assimilate information.  

Recently at SIS Basel, two of our teachers joined forces to combine sports and biology in the form of a couple of student-taught karate lessons – conducted by a very talented 7th grader who happens to be both a karate brown belt holder and member of the German national team.  

While students of College-1 practiced challenging karate exercises, International-3 students conducted pulse readings both at rest and exertion, and observed respiratory patterns of increase and decrease. As karate involves both aerobic and anaerobic elements, this provided a good forum to observe and discuss changes in the circulatory system and respiratory system. Thus, while our 7th graders had their sports lesson in the form of karate, the 9th graders learned about  the heart and circulatory system, and everyone had a great lesson in fitness.