Project Week: Hands-On Economics for Growing Minds

Primary School Does Business.

During project week last month, all students of primary 1 through primary 6 delved into a broad spectrum of age-appropriate topics and projects under the umbrella of “economics.” 

In lower primary, students in grade 1 through 4 learned about the world of business, people and their professions. They learned about market life, money and, of course, buying and selling. Primary 1 set up a flea market and primary 3 set up its own shop offering goods and services, such riding lessons and car rentals. Then, on the last day, all classes used their own specially created currency to buy, sell, trade and negotiate with one other.

In the upper primary, fifth- and sixth-graders learned about marketing, created promotional posters and videos and founded businesses, which will carry on to sell their goods – such as knitted gifts and holiday greeting cards - at our school-wide winter party in December. 

In addition to practical hands-on work, there were also theoretical tasks that taught the students about market forms, the circulation of goods and money, supply and demand, price setting and profit, and more. They also got to practice communication skills and cooperation, dealing with conflict management and diversity, as well as the ability to process and apply information gained through their research.

Students with their woolstreet stand