The Extended Classroom

An annual highlight, SPARC Week – which stands for Sports, Art and Culture – was established at SIS Basel almost ten years ago as a way to embrace and discover the many jewels of experience available right here where we live.


SPARC Week is undertaken by all students in the school and includes a wide range of age-appropriate projects, excursions and experiences. The aim is for our students to benefit from an international outlook combined with appreciation for our local culture. We fully take advantage of this opportunity to turn our view of the city and region inside-out and put our students in contact with people, places and experiences that often leave impressions for life. 


Examples of activities from the 2015-2016 school year included visiting the offices of Surprise magazine and learning how homeless people have found work publishing a magazine that they produce and sell on the streets; a full day rafting trip discovering the beauty of the Upper Rhein around Bad Säckingen, floating past historical sites and castles; tailing the well-known Basel rapper Black Tiger on street concerts around Basel, with the positive message that rap can be used as a nonviolent and creative approach to handling conflict; visiting the Paul Scherrer Institute and conducting experiments with sound; a film making project; a first-aid workshop; a guided city tour; a workshop with Amnesty International; and many other fascinating undertakings.


The SPARC days of learning “beyond the walls of the classroom” seed  an appetite for discovery and is a time where we get first-hand impressions of how education can enrich our day to day life and be a lot of fun.