Class Camp and a School Sleepover

Adventures in Schaffhausen and Männedorf.

Grades 3 and 4 enjoyed fun filled days together in Schauffhausen. During their three-night camp they experienced a lot together including a trip to see the Rheinfall waterfalls, an incredibly long and challenging walk, a city tour, a museum visit and a hike to a castle.

The youth hostel where they stayed was a friendly and welcoming place with opportunities to eat dinner around a camp fire. Overall, it was a fabulous trip for the children and teachers, which provided the children with many opportunities to bond further with their teachers and peers. The children returned with many experiences to share and they radiated with glee and happiness.

As a taster of what will come next year, Grade 2 had a sleepover at school. They started the evening with setting up their sleeping posts in the classrooms and then everyone contributed to dinner preparations. As the sausages were cooking on the small campfire outside, the children sat around munching on chips and shared stories. There was a lovely sense of togetherness and a lot of laughter as the stories went around.

After dinner the children worked in small groups on a team building game of stacking cups by only using rubber bands connected to string. They enjoyed the challenge! Before bedtime the teachers and children enjoyed a short walk in the moonlight and warm air.

It was a wonderful sleepover. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and they delighted in being at school when it wasn't a school. They are now really looking forward to their first class camp next year.

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