Remote Learning at SIS Männedorf-Zürich

Adapting to Teaching and Learning Online.

On Friday 13th it was announced that schools would be closed due to restricting the coronavirus spread. On that day, students at SIS Männedorf-Zürich were given a collection of workbooks and materials to complete at home while the teachers worked with ferocious speed to get their classrooms online. By the following Tuesday, all classrooms were converted to an online format and distance learning began formally.

For the last three weeks, Grades 1 to 6 have been utilising the full benefits of Office 365 via Teams and the Kindergarten levels are using a mixture of pre-recorded lessons combined with one-on-one Skype meetings.

From the first day of remote learning, our team has dedicated countless hours in trying their best to transfer our high level of quality education to the online world. Their hard work and dedication is evident when seeing the glee and joy on students’ faces and in the parent feedbacks.

The students have been very excited to see their teachers in their class video conferences or individual Skype meetings and to interact with their classmates in a new, modern way. They have proven their flexibility and adaptability by how quickly and enthusiastically they have grasped their online lessons, and their perseverance in moving within their online classrooms.

Our teachers are committed to delivering their best lessons in accordance to our curricula while grasping the benefits that learning at home brings. Their passion and creativity is apparent in the diverse lessons they are delivering. Such lessons as: scavenger hunt runs, whole class orchestras, rotating reading and writing groups, maths discussions, family portraits, creating promotional and PE videos.

Even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, we are seeing the positives of the situation that we have been forced into. The teachers have been delighted in getting to know their students on another level and to see them demonstrating a range of skills and attitudes that without these extraordinary circumstances may not have been visible in the physical classroom.

For parents, especially those also working at home, it has been an added task to assist their children with accessing their classroom and learning materials. However their time, patience and perseverance is very much appreciated by the staff at SIS Männedorf-Zürich as without their help and support, particularly those with younger children, the lessons wouldn’t be going as smoothly as they are.

The dedication and hard work from teachers, students and parents is apparent and we are relishing in the knowledge that we are creating stronger bonds between our staff and our valued families.