Fascinating Fossils in Grade 3

Learning about creatures of the prehistoric times was impressing.

This term, grade 3 has been finding out about fossils. We have investigated the different ways that they can form and reflected on the information they can give us about what sorts of creatures and plants lived in prehistoric times.

We have examined real fossils, prompting us to think about what things were like on Earth when the creatures were alive, and have made our own models, both of mould fossils and trilobites.

We have used the internet to support our research on places in the world where different sorts of fossils have been found. It has been interesting to discover that such different types of creatures were found in different places.

Something that amazed many of us was finding out about things called ‘living fossils’. These are creatures and plants that can be found in the fossil record, but which also still live on Earth nowadays. How strange to think that some of the organisms that live today are so closely related to ones living in prehistory!

fossil painted by student