Reading Week in Primary 5 and 6

Creative Activities with Letters

Primary 5 and 6 showed a lot of enthusiasm for our recent reading week. They were eager to delve into the fiction books they had chosen for independent reading, and they had loads of fun facts to share with the class during our non-fiction research lesson. In physical education, the class practised creating letters with their bodies and challenged one another to guess which letter, or word, they had made. The whole class joined in to create a pyramid representing the letter A. They showed great team effort!

One of the highlights of our week was the class performance of read-aloud plays. The class practised their negotiation and teamwork skills while dividing up into groups and selecting the roles each of them would play in the production. Each group practised reading their plays aloud, paying close attention to pronunciation and expression. During a third reading, they focused on which gestures, facial expressions, and props would add emotion and detail to their play. The result was a lively and entertaining production of two plays, with some students playing several different roles. The class did a great job learning their lines and changing their voices to express the emotions of the characters. We were even able to film the production for the class to view later on.

During our lesson in reading instructions, we baked cookies and cupcakes, paying close attention to detail and accurately measuring our ingredients. We learned the importance of carefully following the instructions and keeping a close eye on the oven to make sure our cookies didn’t burn! The chocolate chip cookies and death-by-chocolate cupcakes were a huge success, and the class had a great time decorating them afterwards.