Sports Day

Lots of Sports and Even More Fun

The next event was the handball goals. We did pretty well on that one and the kindergarten children did too. It was easier for them because they got to pass and shoot from a closer point. After that came my favorite sport of the day - football. It was more challenging than last year because there were pylons that you had to guide the ball around. It was still too easy for me, but at least it was better! In the break, I also played a little football with Linard, in our socks, because our feet were so hot.

Afterwards, we did bocce with the parent volunteers. We beat the previous team’s record. The balls were just a bit lighter than medicine balls, so they kept missing where we really wanted them to go, but we still got a high score. Our final sport was badminton. I didn’t do that good there, and others did, so I was kind of embarrassed. No one got over three points and I almost got it over two points, and it was always so close - thanks to the wind! After lunch we started with the water sports.

Our first sport was balancing three cups of water on our body. My photo got taken just as the water cups fell down, and I got soaked. It was really fun! The next one was bringing water from one cup to another. We actually filled the cups up pretty high, so I was proud of myself - and my team. Our last sport was water guns. In this station you had to fill a water gun up, and then run to another bucket and shoot it in.

At the end of the day, the winner was revealed - it was the yellow team. Ms Cummins told us that every team was the best in at least one sport. At the end, everyone got an ice cream, so that was good too. It was a fun and wet day!

Andreas Hunziker, Grade 6