Primary School

Our students, bilingual education and a healthy performance-based approach are central to teaching and learning at SIS.

At our bilingual Primary School, teaching is based on the curriculum of the canton of Schwyz. This state curriculum is supplemented by elements of international educational practice as well as by pedagogical standards developed by SIS. By attending our Primary School, children are ideally prepared for the transition into our Bilingual College at SIS Zürich. Students can transfer from and into the public school system at any time.

Bilingual Instruction

Each of our primary school classes has two teachers: one is a native speaker of German, the other a native speaker of English. The development of language skills in German and English is of paramount importance at this level, which is why we have developed our own bilingual reading and writing curricula. Furthermore, subjects such as mathematics or humanities are taught in both languages, ensuring that our students acquire a broad vocabulary. Additionally, French is taught as a foreign language from grade 5.

Diverse Teaching

In class, we work with modern infrastructure and use different learning techniques. Our students also work with tablets and computers. That way, students acquire new skills in a playful manner or broaden prior knowledge.

Further Activities

Our annual project week enriches our school life, as do regular and comprehensive school assemblies that foster our school community. To experience the current study topic we organise excursions and visits. Additionally, a class camp for students from grade 3 on is organised.


Benchmarking Tests

From grade 3 of primary school, our students sit national and international benchmarking tests and achieve above average results on a regular basis. Results are communicated transparently to parents and provide a basis for individual objectives, which are discussed in parent consultations with the teachers twice a year.

Transfer to SIS Bilingual College without Admission Examinations

SIS Primary School students who achieve the necessary grade average can transfer to the Bilingual College at SIS Zürich without needing to sit admission examinations or continue their education at the SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz Secondary School.


Day School Structure

Children can arrive at school from 7:30 a.m. onwards. Lessons take place from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and school days are divided into regular intervals with time for learning, play and relaxation. From 3:15 p.m. to 4 p.m. we offer after school homework supervision where topics of the day are rounded off. Afterwards, some students go home and others stay with supervision until 6 p.m., where they can choose from our clubs and courses. On Wednesday school finishes at noon, however supervision until 4 p.m. is included in the tuition fee.

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