Maths in Action

Learning the Modern Way

Maths does not have to be answering question after question in an exercise book.  In grade 3, we have been working with word problems. As a class we went through a selection of word problems using Kahoot, a game-based learning platform, where we identify the key words or sentences that told us what mathematical action we needed to apply to the numbers. The class is always super excited to be using the tablets in an interactive way and are very competitive with each other too.

We then created our own word problems for our classmates to answer. When we were told it had to be a subtraction word problem we found this harder than we thought because we had to think of the specific key words we had to use.

Some thoughts from the class:

"I like the Kahoot because it is fun to learn and when you’re doing it you learn a lot." Kyra

"It teaches you good head maths because you have to think fast during the countdown." Aliana

"It is good for practising our maths." Franco