Break Time Kiosk Comes to our School!

Student Driven Initiative Sees Success.

It all started at the beginning of this school year with our Primary 2 class suggesting. For a while the student council discussed whether this would be something that they could manage.

A lot of consideration was given to whether to make this a 'for profit' (charitable) endeavour or whether the aim was simply to provide a service to the children of our school. We considered which items would be desirable at a kiosk, what would be healthy for our students, what would be manageable for the students themselves to purchase, make and manage and what price structure would be required to be both fair and at the same time allow us to at least break even.

In the end it was decided, with the blessing of our parents, that we should have a trial to find the answers to some of these questions.

After months of planning we advertised the trial event to students in our last assembly and to our parents via email for Wednesday 13 June 2018. We decided to keep our offering simple with sandwiches, crackers and Birchermüesli to eat and apple juice and iced tea to drink.

Even this took quite some managing. We sourced the apple juice from our local farmer and bought fresh ingredients locally to make the cheese, salami and ham sandwiches, all with plenty of salad also within.

This morning at 7.30am a merry group of students met to complete the preparation of the items for sale. Much fun was had in the staff room making sandwiches and muesli and mixing up iced tea but at 10 a.m. the fun really began.

Many many children had remembered to bring money from home to support their friends idea and we were sold out of all sandwiches within minutes. Fortunately everyone who brought some money was able to purchase something and we managed to make a small profit of 12 chf.

We are delighted that this hardworking group of students were able to carry out their idea and we now have the answers to some of our questions to begin working on our next effort in the new school year.