Language acquisition that begins early, is carefully guided by experts and happens in a natural environment leads to life-long competence.

“The sooner, the better.” When it comes to learning a language, this statement is irrefutable. In preschool, children are at an age when their language is particularly susceptible to outside influences. This is why it is important for them not only to practise the second language, but also to actually use it naturally to engage with the world. As a result, preschool will prove to be a varied and exciting time for both children and parents.

Our bilingual Preschool is a day school that offers a well-supervised, safe and stimulating learning environment for children aged five to six. SIS has developed its own curriculum for children in this age group, comprising six areas of learning and discovery. Our Preschool is the ideal preparation for the transition into the bilingual SIS Primary School.

Bilingual from Day One

The children are supervised by German- and English-speaking teachers who use their native languages to communicate with their students. As such, German and English are heard and spoken in almost equal measure throughout the day, and the children grow up bilingually in a natural way.

Eventful School Days

We prepare the children for reading, writing and maths in a playful manner. Regular trips to the woods and the waterside, games, exercise and movement, both indoors and outdoors, play an important part.

Furthermore, children take part in activities and projects with other classes, and celebrate local as well as international festivals and traditions. They also gain their first age-appropriate experiences working with a computer.

Rooms and Facilites

The premises of our Preschool are on the first floor of our school building. The large classroom contains a learning, as well as a playing area. Students can play on the spacious terrace during break time.


Our Preschool can be attended for the period of one year. Entry is also possible during the year.

girl with teacher
children in lessons