One week in Sedrun

What an amazing week this really was for all the children in 5th grade…and the staff as well. Maybe even the best Class Camp trip ever?


We spent a week in glorious late-summer weather, hiking, grilling and enjoying the stunning scenery of the Tujetsch region , whilst staying in the pretty mountain village of Sedrun. The highlights of the week were our spectacular hike from Caischavedra back to Sedrun, a visit to a Seilpark at Curtin Medellin, and of course trekking with a friendly herd of Llamas to Rueras and back. Add in Crystal Museum visits, Swimming Pool trips and Quiz, Table Tennis and ‘Challenge’ evenings, then all-in-all, it was a very successful and happy week indeed.


We are now all looking forward to the next Class Camp, at Bevaix, in grade 6.


Mike Stallard, Class Teacher