Class Camp to Bevaix

During week of September 17-21, Grade 6 students went on their Class Camp to Bevaix. Meeting at HB on Monday morning, the we were very excited. We couldn’t wait to get on the train and get started. Once we arrived in Bevaix, we hiked from the train station to a lovely wooded area for a picnic, after which, we hiked the remainder of the way to the youth hostel. Later that afternoon, we went to the "Grottes de Vallorbe", an amazing cave next to a waterfall, with stalagmites and stalactites.

The next day we did an all-day hike to Croix du Van, which is like Switzerland’s "Grand Canyon". The weather was perfect, and the view was breath-taking. On Wednesday, we went to Neuchatel and took a boat ride to the Archaeological Museum. Later, we spent some time exploring Neuchatel. That was the most fun part, because we got to go in groups and explore on our own (and shop). On Thursday we went to Murten Lake and rode bicycles around the lake. Then we found a nice place to stop, have a campfire, roast sausages and swim in the lake. That night we had a disco and Yonatan gave Mr. Nussbaum a dance lesson. On Friday, we packed up and headed home, tired but happy.

The Class Camp was a lot of fun.


Aaron Nussbaum, Class Teacher