I am very happy that this newsletter can give you so many impressions about the activities of our children spending time outdoors. Whether in class camp, on a September walk or the first school day,  it is important that children spend enough time in nature.

Science increasingly recognizes that it is crucial for the development of our children to spend a lot of time outdoors. Only recently have researchers succeeded in explaining that the sharp increase in nearsightedness in young people is related to lack of  time children spend outdoors in daylight. Only in this way can our highly complex visual system fully develop.

In nature, children find the largest playground for discovering and developing their own creativity. This appeals to all the senses and at the same time reduces stress. It strengthens children's self-confidence when they successfully climb a tree or build their own castle from stones. They train their motor skills and strengthen their body’s defences in the process.

All these positive consequences are reinforced with the simplest and most wonderful effect: the kids have fun.

In this spirit, I wish the students a colourful holiday season in the wonderful autumn nature.

In this newsletter, you will  also find the introductions of three of our staff members who were not present in our recent team newsletter.