Nature Trail in Witikon

On 20 September, 2018 the children from kindergarten 1 to grade 2 went on September Bummel.


This school year we had an exciting walk along the Stockenweg (Elefantweg) nature trail in Witikon. On this stunning morning we caught two trams and a bus to get to the start of the trail. We descended into the valley and followed a winding pebble path along the bubbling stream and over two bridges until we came to the elephant.


The children had fun watching the elephant squirting a fountain of water into the stream below. This signalled the start of the ninety-nine step climb out of the valley towards the huge Robinson Playground Buchholz. We ate our packed lunch and played lots of catch with Mr Stevenson amongst the massive climbing frames. What an exciting day out walking along the nature trail for us all.


Paula Thornburrow, Kindergarten Teacher